Sr. Marguerite Marie

Sr. Marguerite Marie has been a cloistered Sister in the Visitation Monastery in Toledo for 24 years.  She had always said that she wanted to be a nun.  When she graduated from Garfield, she joined the Sisters of Charity in Richfield.  She went to John Carroll University and received her teaching degree.  She taught grades 4-6 at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Cuyahoga Falls for fourteen years.  In her last few years with the Sister of Charity, things began to change; nuns stopped wearing their habits and loosened the rules and structure of their lives.  Sr. Marguerite Marie (Betty) wanted a more charismatic prayer life.  She was not happy and felt left out.

She left the Sisters of Charity and joined the Bread of Life and stayed with them for 18 years.  They were active on The University of Akron campus.  She was a mentor and house mother to a group of college women.  She also stayed with different families when they needed a little extra help.  The leader of Bread of Life went on a mission to Mexico and found a calling there.  After he left, the Bread of Life was not the same and Sr. Marguerite Marie spent the next couple of years praying and looking for a new place.  She then found the Visitation Monastery.  After making several retreats, she entered the monastery on the Friday after Thanksgiving, 1994.

When she announced this decision to the family, they wondered what she was thinking! Her life would consist of a two-hour visit once a month and she could not come home or write letters.  The family visits her in a room with a three-foot dividing wall.  The family is still able to see, hug, and show her things.

She was able to come and spend a couple of weeks with her mother and see her father before he died and came to the nursing home when her mother was dying.

The family considers it a blessing to have her at the monastery.  They thank God every day for the wonderful sisters!

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A special thank you to Pat Carson for sharing her family’s story.