Reconciliation Preparation for 2nd Graders – Session 2

Jesus led by serving.  Jesus want’s you to be a servant too.  You are a leader and a servant as you help prepare your child for this sacrament.  Jesus taught that servant leaders pray for those entrusted to their care.  If you haven’t started yet, begin to pray for your child and for yourself as you lead and serve your child.


  • To demonstrate that we are always happier when we follow the Ten Commandments.
  • To explain that God is always willing to give us another chance and a fresh start through Reconciliation.
  • To teach that God wants us to become great decision makers.

(Links after lesson for parents.)


1.  Pray together the prayer found on page 31.

2. Introduce the first episode by saying, “Let’s see how Max is able to become a great decision maker.

3. Watch Episode 1.

4. How do you use your free will?

5.  Next, we will watch Ben, Sarah, and Hemmingway go on a great adventure!

6. Watch Episode 2.

7. Emphasize how God will never give up on His people and He will always give them another chance. (last paragraph on page 37)

8. God spoke to Moses through a burning bush – do you think he still speaks to us today? (page 38)

9.  Ask which commandment is hardest for them to keep. (page 40)

10. Next we will learn why God sent Jesus to earth.

11. Watch Episode 3.

12. Ask your child why God sent his Son Jesus to earth.

13. Read girst two paragraphs on page 44 together.

14.  Watch this episode and look for Hemmingway as he tries to eat a plate of cupcakes without permission from Sarah.

15. Watch Episode 4.

16. Read together the temptation prayer on page 49.  When is a good time to pray?

17. What does the picture on pages 50-51 show about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane?

18. Read pages 52 and 53.

19. Ben will enter the Biblical world to learn about how Adam and Eve dealt with temptation.

20. Watch Episode 5.

21. Look at pages 56 and 57.  Ask “Why do you think Eve looks so sad? What do you think Adam is thinking about in this picture? Does the snake look like a good guy or a bad guy?”

22. Before watching Episode 6 ask, “Can you think of a time when you had that yucky feeling inside you?  What was your conscience trying to tell you?”

23. Watch Episode 6.

24. Read the four tips to making a great decision. How can you use these tips?

25. Have your child complete pages 62-63 with your help.

26.  Take a few minutes to let your child journal on page 65.  This can be important time for them to process what they have just learned.

27. Watch Episode 7 for the closing prayer.  Ask “What are some of the most important things you learned in this session?”

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