First Communion Preparation for 2nd Graders – Session 2

You are about to begin  preparation for your child’s Holy Communion.  As you continue to lead your child, remember that you also are serving and you are the first example for your child.  Exodus (20:8) tells us to “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.”  “How many Sundays do you have left?  Don’t waste a single one.” (Decision Point) 

We are so fortunate that Jesus comes in direct contact with us at every Mass in the Most Holy Eucharist: directly for you at this particular time and particular place.  Receive the Eucharist with an open heart to the tranformative power of the Holy Spirit.


  • To proclaim that the Mass is the most amazing event on earth.
  • To explain that spending time with God fills us with grace so that we can live holy lives.
  • To teach that learning to listen to God’s voice is one of life’s greates lessons.

(Some videos for parents are at the end of the lesson.)


1. Begin by praying together the prayer found on page 53.

2. Introduce the first episode by saying: In this episode, Hemingway helps Ben settle a disagreement between Jessica and Max.  As we watch, we will be on the lookout for how many types of prayer there are.  See how many we can count.

3. Watch Episode 1.

4. Let’s see how many types of prayer we can list.  (thanksgiving, petition and intercession, praise, adoration)

5. Next, we will watch Sarah and her dad take a trip to God’s house.

6. Watch Episode 2.

7. Where is God’s house? (The Church)  What is the name of God’s house were we usually go? (Nativity of the Lord Jesus)

8. This time we will see Tiny ask Sister Rosa if he really has to go to Mass every Sunday.  Let’s see how she answers the question.

9. Watch Episode 3.

10. What is the one reason why it is important to go to Mass Each Sunday? (To thank God for all the ways he blesses us.)

11. Do you think God still speaks to His people? 

12. Watch Episode 4.

13. Think about the last time you were at Church.  What did God say to you? (parents can answer this as well as children)

14. Take a look at the picture on page 62-63.   Read pages 62 and 64.  What is one of the reasons we go to Mass on Sunday?  (to listen to God’s voice)

15. Now we are going to hear the story of the two disciples who meet Jesus on the road to Emmaus.

16. Watch Episode 5.

17. Read page 69.

18.Next we are going to find out what was the greatest event on earth.

19. Watch Episode 6.

20. What is the greatest event on earth? (the Mass)

21. Have your child complete pages 72-73 with your help.

22. Take a few minutes to let your child journal on page 75.  This can be important time for them to process what they have just learned.

23. Next, we are going to pray with Ben.

24. Watch Episode 7 for the closing prayer.  Discuss what some of the most important things you both learned in this session.