Reconciliation Preparation for 2nd Graders – Session 4


Jesus led by serving.  Jesus want’s you to be a servant too.  You are a leader and a servant as you help prepare your child for this sacrament.  Jesus taught that servant leaders pray for those entrusted to their care.  If you haven’t started yet, begin to pray for your child and for yourself as you lead and serve your child.


To demonstrate that forgiveness is key to healthy relationships.

To explain that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, leads us to heave3n.

To teach that, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, God proves that he is always willing to forgive us.

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  1. Pray together the prayer found on page 105.
  2. Introduce the first episode by saying, “Sarah and Hemingway have a surprise for Ben.  What do you think it could be?”
  3. Watch Episode 1.
  4. “Who’s toothbrush do you think Sarah accidentally uses to brush Hemingway’s hair?  Let’s find out.”
  5. Watch Episode 2.
  6. Ask your child to share a time when they forgave someone.
  7. Read together pages 110-113.
  8. “This episode will really help us to understand a Sacrament.”
  9. Watch Episode 3.
  10. “The episode coming up seems to be a favorite of many people.”
  11. Watch Episode 4.
  12. Ask, “How does if fell to be the son or daughter of a great King?”
  13. Watch Episode 5.
  14. “Next, Hemingway get’s lost.  Let’s watch to see if Ben and Sarah find him.”
  15. Watch Episode 6.
  16. Read the story of the Good Shepherd aloud found on pages 122-125.  If you have a children’s Bible, it can also be found in John 10:1-21.
  17. “What is the picture on page 127 showing you?”
  18. Take a few moments today or tomorrow to work on pages 128-129. If you are doing this another day, skip to the next step.
  19. Take some quiet time to Journal with Jesus found on page 131.  If you are doing this another day, skip to  the closing prayer on page 132 and watch Episode 7.





Children can watch Brother Francis: Forgiven.    You have free access at