Barb Whiddon – Children’s Liturgy of the Word Coordinator

Barb has been a catechist for over 20 years. As a parent, she realized the key role she had in her son’s faith formation. “I wanted to show him the importance of religious education both at home and through formal instruction.” She started teaching at the pre-school level when Kyle was just 4 years old (he’s 25 now). From there she substituted at the grade school level and went on to instruct at the 5th-grade level for several years. As Nativity transitioned to Generations of Faith, she continued to be involved in leading small group sessions and helping wherever needed. She also coordinates and is a facilitator for the Children’s Liturgy of the Word. She has her basic catechist teaching certificate and continues to take courses. “I want to ensure that I am teaching the appropriate catechetical content and have the appropriate skills to be effective with our young people in a learning environment. Additionally, this coursework has helped my own spiritual growth as a disciple of Christ. I enjoy working with the youth of Nativity and I’m grateful for this continuing opportunity.”