We Care

Description: We Care is a parish group that visits the sick and home-bound of the parish, and also brings Holy Communion.  Linda Twigg leads the We Care Group (established by Sister Susanne Gill) and is delighted to welcome new members. We appreciate their time and effort. Today’s wonderful group includes: Stan McDonald, Ed Eitner, Jerry Glinsky, Tom Spellman, Benny Hill, Linda Twigg, Sue Samuels, Barbara Hawes, Barbara Bergdorf, and Amy Lawless. Thanks to Barbara Bergdorf who sends cards to our homebound and sick. We have visited hundreds through the years. Our quiet, dedicated members invite you to contact us if you know of anyone who would appreciate a visit on Monday afternoons. God has truly blessed this ministry throughout the years. Prayers are always included before we visit and with those we visit. We are grateful to Fr. Kawalec and the office staff who guide us to our Nativity friends who request a visit.  Contact information is below. 


Meetings: When Every Monday
Time 12:00PM
Place Visitation Room


Name Phone Email
Linda Twigg 300-644-7080
Parish Office 300-699-5086 office@nativityofthelord.org


History: Active for over 30 years, four devoted gals met on Mondays for a prayer service, followed by bringing Holy Communion to the sick and suffering. In 1981, there was a little group that bonded during the Monday noon Mass. Part of that group was Lil and Joe Molnar. Sadly, Lil suffered from cancer. Rita Weekly and Sister Susanne would visit Lil and after one visit decided they could visit others who were ill or homebound. And so our wonderful We Care volunteers came together to live the Gospel by reaching out to others and bring Nativity to them. Since then, a small group meets at Nativity on Mondays at noon. Sister Susanne would assign the members, preferably in two’s to visit and take the Eucharist. We consider our short visits very important contact with the sick and the homebound and it is a very great privilege to take the Eucharist to them. We receive a warm response from those we visit. We are a rather “laid back” group who enjoy each other’s company.