Building Committee

Description: These parish members volunteer their time twice a month by holding a planning meeting (below) and a Work Day one Saturday morning every month.  They are organized, prayerful, dedicated, talented and skillful in many trades.  They enjoy each other’s company, have fun with their professional work, and build friendships throughout the numerous projects they begin and complete.  This group continues to help the pastor of this parish save money through their generous labor, support growth by creating solutions to varied problems, and expand comradery within the community by welcoming new members.

Meetings: When Last Tuesday of each month
Time 7:00PM
Place Holy Family Room
Work Day: When Saturday, March 23rd
Time 7:30AM Breakfast at Denny’s on Arlington Rd.
8:30AM Work begins at Church


1. Reposition downstairs camera.
2. Install door stops & wall stops.
3. Baptismal Font pump repair.
4. Replace glass in display case downstairs.
5. Add outlet for new display case.
6. Replace light in stairwell.
7. Replace wall heater in men’s room.


Name Phone Email
Dan Grismer 330-877-5494