There are MANY ministry opportunities at Nativity! We encourage all who are interested to GET INVOLVED and ADD to the fullness of our parish life.

To VOLUNTEERContact List Here.


To make a Request-to-a-Commission: Email your completed FORM to the Ambassador for Christ below. 

Education – Our purpose in the parish is to evaluate current educational programs, to identify and prioritize your needs and desires, and to create new exciting opportunities revitalizing our church in the areas of education.  Education Ambassadors for Christ: Lori Hahn – (570-789-5321) & Amy Lawless – (330-352-5055).

Engagement – We actively involve parishioners and non-parishioners to engage in social groups, fundraising societies, nationally and locally recognized Church apostolates, and community building activities.  The committees under this commission seek to bring the spiritual and physical dimensions of parish life to a significant level of activity and shared responsibility.  Engagement Ambassadors for Christ: Mike Rankine – (330-644-5196) & Mark Cole (330-644-0532).

Outreach – We give witness to the Love of Jesus by sharing parish resources, networking with local and community services, and meeting the spiritual and material needs of our neighbors.  Through personal contact, prayerful labors of love, and the  generous donation of time and talent, our Nativity Family extends many helping hands to our brothers and sisters in need. Outreach Ambassador for Christ: Linda Twigg – 330-644-7080.

Worship – We focus attention to the highest activities of Christian Life.  The parishioners involved in these committees take great care to fulfill the duties and ministries surrounding the Mass with utmost reverence and devotion.  Through hearts open to receiving God’s revelation, Catholics can provide a welcoming, prayerful, and engaging environment to worship the Lord as He has taught us through Sacred Scripture and the Church’s Liturgy. Worship Ambassador for Christ:  Ed Perko (330-439-8390). 

For general information concerning our Commissions, please contact Barb Whiddon  or Rich Honeck.

Documents to Download: Commissions Governance Structure and Commissions Manual

History: Since the 1990’s, within the Diocese of Cleveland under the guidance of Bishop Anthony M. Pilla, parishes have successfully organized their various ministries and groups under a “Commission and Committee” structure.  The idea is that each individual group would become a parish committee: utilizing officers, setting regular meetings, and working toward a specific purpose within the parish. Multiple committees would then belong to a larger Commission that would unite them under a more general facet of parish life, such as Worship, Outreach, Administration, etc.  As a fruit of our 40th Anniversary and after proper consultation with our Pastoral Council, I would like to adopt this structure of organization to our 46 parish groups/ministries/committees.  I believe that this will help each parishioner and “committee” to understand how they function and collaborate within the larger scope of the parish of Nativity of the Lord Jesus.  May this re-structuring facilitate a deeper sense of involvement, cooperation and belonging to this local living organism within the Universal Catholic Church for a great many years to come!

God bless – Fr. Kawalec