2020 Lenten Mission

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Union with God Can be Achieved in Many Ways!

Joy, Peace, Trust, Service & Love – these, and many other ways, are a means to union with God. We all want to grow closer to God and union with Him should be our ultimate goal. Since we are not all the same, our pathways to unity differ — which path is best for us?

2020 Lenten Mission                                                

March 7th & 8th                  Weekend Masses

March 9th & 10th      Presentation at 6:30pm

Join us with Fr. Chris Weber, MDiv, MA as we dive into the Spiritual Life this Lent! Fr. Chris is the pastor of Guardian Angels Parish in Copley, OH and was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Cleveland on May 18th, 2002; classmate and good friend of Fr. Kawalec.