About Us

Mission Statement

We are Nativity of the Lord Jesus Parish, a Roman Catholic Church, providing a gathering place for all in the name of Jesus Christ.
We encourage the participation of each individual for the betterment of the parish and community.
We seek to give birth to Jesus Christ in the hearts of all people through loving service, Christian example, and Spiritual growth.

Nativity of the Lord Jesus Catholic Church

The church is located on the corner of Myersville Road and Killian Road in Springfield Township. Our address is 2425 Myersville Rd., Akron, Ohio, 44312. We serve the communities of Springfield Township, Lake Township, and the City of Green. We currently have 700 registered families. Check out the links below for the story of Nativity of the Lord Jesus, a history and a tour of our church.

Located in the basement of the church, The Bethlehem Cave is a replica of the cave where Jesus was born as it appears in the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and serves as a chapel and place for pilgrimage. The chapel includes the Altar of the Nativity, the Altar of the Magi and the manger of the Infant Jesus. Only two such replicas exist in the United States. The other is in Washington, DC. If you would like to schedule a tour, please call the parish office at 330-699-5086.


The Story of The Nativity of the Lord Jesus

The History of Nativity of the Lord Jesus Church