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Letter from Father Dave

This past week, a check for $4,961.00 was received by our parish from the “Rooted in Faith” funds. Since that campaign by our diocese was started, we have received $129,806.00; all of this has been put into savings for the completion of our buildings. In 1994, we began a savings campaign to put a proper organ in our church, to build a rectory, to improve our hall, to provide adequate work space for staff, and to make everything accessible. With these savings and the “Rooted in Faith” funds, we are now able to complete our capital projects. I am hoping that is my last major construction project and that all of us will have provided an excellent infrastructure for the next generation to evangelize this area. The beauty of our church is a testimony to the loving sacrifices of the founding generation. It will cost about $1,400,000 to complete this project. We have most of that in savings. There has been much input about this from the staff, the Pastoral Council, the Finance Council, and the Building Committee. You should see the beginning of this soon, and detailed information will be given to you in the near future. Your continued use of the Building Fund envelopes and your “Rooted in Faith” gifts will be very helpful. If anyone has a particular memorial gift to be made, please contact me. I really appreciate the wonderful blessings I have received by being part of this parish.


Get started BEFORE school papers begin piling up! Register your child age 3 through high school for Parish Life Night (Religious Education). There will be sessions for adults on the Generations of Faith evenings which will include a meal and sessions for children. All information available under Religious Education.

Have a topic you would like discussed at adult sessions of Generations of Faith? Please call the parish office with your idea or email your idea to nativityfaithformation@ gmail.com


Confirmation preparation class for Grades 7 and 8 begins Wednesday, September 10, 2014, 6:30-8:00PM. Topic is Scripture part 1. Textbooks are not needed

Interested in becoming Catholic?

Adult Inquiry Classes begin Wednes-day, September 10th at 6:30PM in the west classroom down the corridor at the back of the church. For further infor-mation see Deacon Bob or any of the clergy. Please feel free to just come and see!


Calling all servers!! Do you need a new shirt this year? We can use your old size to pass along. This will help keep costs of new ones down. There will be a box in the Narthex to “recycle” our red tee shirts, If you have any questions please call or email me. LynnAnnSklack@330-896-4064 or PSU84Grad@att.net

New Addition

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Faith Direct

Please consider joining the parish's electronic giving program, Faith Direct. Our "to-do" lists get lengthy at times
but Faith Direct's E-Giving will give you one less thing to remember each week -- no more envelopes to find or checks to write
before you go to Mass. Enroll to day at Faith Direct using our church code OH380.


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