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Parish Council Elections

To be eligible for election to the Parish Council you must be a registered member of the Parish and be of confirmation age. Adult positions on the Council are 2-year terms and you must be 18 or older to serve as an adult member. The Youth Member positions is a 1 year term and must be of confirmation age and not attained your 18th birthday. Candidates are to submit a photograph and a short biography, which are displayed two weeks before the election for the Parish to review and make their choice for which they want on the council. CHECK BULLETIN FOR NOMINATION FORM.


The parish community is excited to celebrate your accomplishments and future with you, with a special mass and breakfast for you and your family. Please plan to come to the 8:30 AM Mass on Sunday, May 3rd and stay for breakfast with fellow grads and their families. If you or your child will be graduating this spring, please call Sue Worstall at 330-644-2815 with your name, address and phone number so Ladies Guild can send you a personal invitation. Responses will be due by April 27th. We look forward to sharing in your celebration!

Servers Needed

Nativity is in the need for Alter Servers for all Masses, particularly 4:30 and 8:30. If you have received first communion and are a parishoner at Nativity, please consider becoming an Alter Server and help serve the Church. If interested, please contact the Church Office.


Get started BEFORE school papers begin piling up! Register your child age 3 through high school for Parish Life Night (Religious Education). There will be sessions for adults on the Generations of Faith evenings which will include a meal and sessions for children. All information available under Religious Education.

Have a topic you would like discussed at adult sessions of Generations of Faith? Please call the parish office with your idea or email your idea to nativityfaithformation@ gmail.com


Confirmation class for Grades 7&8 is Wednesday, March April 15, 2015; 6:30-8:00PM. Grade 8: read and prepare chapter 6 in your textbook. Grade 7, your topic is Confirmation.

Interested in becoming Catholic?

Adult Inquiry Classes are every Wednesday at 6:30PM in the west classroom down the corridor at the back of the church. For further information see Deacon Bob or any of the clergy. Please feel free to just come and see!

Faith Direct

Please consider joining the parish's electronic giving program, Faith Direct. Our "to-do" lists get lengthy at times
but Faith Direct's E-Giving will give you one less thing to remember each week -- no more envelopes to find or checks to write
before you go to Mass. Enroll to day at Faith Direct using our church code OH380.


We welcome any comments, suggestions, enhancments, or upgrades. Please e-mail the Website Administrator at
nativitywebsite@neohio.twcbc.com Any group from Nativity that would like to update thier information and add information should
also contact the Website Administrator.
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